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Judge Bruce Boyer : Interacts with “We the People”

by Haydee Oropesa

I have practiced in Pinellas County since 2001 and have never had an opportunity to meet Judge Boyer (assigned to the Civil Division) as I have mainly practiced in the area of criminal defense.  I was pleasantly surprised  this afternoon when your humble correspondent received a knock on my office door, it was Judge Boyer and his wife KayLnn Boyer.  KayLnn owns a court reporting company and her office is located in the same building where I have my offices, Datex Business Center.  Judge Boyer took the time to come and introduce himself and made a really good impression.   He took some time to chat with my mom and I strongly suspect he made a very good impression with her as well.  Mom came by my office after and chuckled about a witty remark he’d made.  I told Judge Boyer that I am still undecided but that I did take note that he had rated well on the recent judicial survey and that I had also read the positive comments provided.  I have not vetted Judge Boyer’s opponent yet but look forward to watching them both address the electorate on July 14, 2014.

Judge Boyer


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