Bob Buckhorn apologizes amid online uproar over his joke about pointing machine gun at journalists

Tampa Bay Times: Bob Buckhorn apologizes amid online uproar over his joke about pointing machine gun at journalists

As the joke generated controversy online, Buckhorn spokeswoman Ashley Bauman issued this statement:

“This was a story that he had told for three consecutive years, and at no time was it ever construed to be serious or an accurate portrayal of what occurred.  It was merely a humorous tongue-in-cheek description. Clearly that does not translate on Twitter, and, in light of the current rhetoric at the national level aimed at the media, (it) inadvertently served to reinforce some of those sentiments. That was not his intention. In fact, as the son of a former wire service reporter, he has nothing but the highest regard for the work of journalists and their profession and he apologizes to those he offended.”


Mayor Buckhorn, some are construing your apology as a non-apology offered under the pressure of the backlash your comment created.  A simple sorry (if you really felt it necessary, freedom of the press is as cherished a right as is the freedom to comically express oneself) would have sufficed for those whom you may have offended.  Don’t you think that tying it in to it being inappropriate now (versus the last three years) because our President has been attacking the media (media has attacked him also) for some time now is somewhat lame?  If you think it was wrong now, why wouldn’t you think it was wrong before?  Was it because the joke on the fourth estate did not get any laughs on the fourth consecutive year?  Good job on offering an apology however (God is to judge whether it is genuine or not).  Maybe not point machine guns at anyone (aren’t Democrats advocates of gun control?)  If you are compelled to however, maybe limit it to fake news outlets and fake politicians?




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