Tampa Bay Times Editorial: Editorial: Democrats should stop false attack against David Jolly

Editorial: Democrats should stop false attack against David Jolly

The editorial also made mention of Hillsborough County State Attorney candidate Andrew Warren’s distortion and misrepresentation of facts in his campaigning efforts:

“Former federal prosecutor Andrew Warren has taken an aggressive tack in his campaign to unseat Hillsborough State Attorney Mark Ober, bending the facts and misrepresenting Ober in two high-profile sex cases.

In the most egregious charge, Warren alleges that Ober went easy on several students at Plant High School who were investigated in 2003 after they were accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old student. Warren said the case reflected a “good old boy system in which rapists with well-connected attorneys receive slaps on the wrist.” A campaign mailer using similar language, labeled “Rapists Set Free,” was paid for by the Florida Democratic Party on Warren’s behalf. But the defendants were not charged with sexual assault or other sex-related crimes, much less prosecuted for or convicted of them. After the victim changed her story, law enforcement officials feared subjecting her to cross-examination during trial. The four young men pleaded no contest to felony battery charges as part of a plea agreement that the victim’s family supported. For a state attorney, words, facts and details matter. Warren’s campaigning doesn’t meet that bar.”


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