Tampa Judge Scott Stephens: Disagrees with Jury Verdict and Demeanor Description

Tampa Tribune reporter Mike Salinero:

“Jury backs owner of bothched home, but judge disagrees”

Article states that the owner claimed to have been frightened by Judge Stephens and as a result did not testify in her case.  According to Salinero’s piece, one of the owner’s witnesses, a licensed building inspector, stated that he was “taken aback” by Judge Stephens’ attitude (really rude and no patience) towards the pro se litigant/owner.  When questioned about this demeanor description, according to TBO, Judge Stephens stated he could not speak about anything unrelated to the written order. Why not?  Judge Stephens however, offered TBO a hypothetical:

Speaking hypothetically, however, Stephens said he must sometimes be firm with people in court who incorrectly argue what the law is.

“There are some people in the world who take offense to just about everything,” Stephens said, “and there are other people who can’t handle direct statements without taking them personally.”

Yeah and sometimes those people who take offense (“we the people”) are those empowered to vote you right off the bench.  Sounds from the reading of the comments section in reaction to TBO’s story, there are a good number of offended voters.

In 2010, reporter Mike Deeson from 10 News, covered a story about Judge Stephens titled, “Father: Judge Scott Stephens terrorized my wife and children.”  The report states that while Judge Stephens wouldn’t comment for the story, his former law partner, Ed Brennan came to his defense.  When we told Brennan that critics say Stephens thinks he is smarter than everyone else, he told us that is because Stephens is.






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