TBT Editorial on Judge Myers: Tampa Bay Attorneys Weigh In

This past weekend Tampa Bay Times published an editorial titled “Hillsborough Judge should step aside,” in reaction to the recent arrest of Hillsborough County Judge Eric Myers for dometic violence battery.    Read article here.  Tampa Bay area attorneys are weighing in:

Attorney Adam Bantner from Brandon Legal Group:

“Due to the necessity of avoiding the appearance of impropriety and the amount of trust that is needed by the public in the judiciary for it to work properly, I believe he should be reassigned to a civil division. I absolutely believe in the presumption of innocence, but it does not look good for a sitting judge to hear criminal cases with criminal charges hanging over his head.”

Attorney Randall Grantham:

 “This ain’t the NFL. We still have Due Process and the presumption of innocence in these here parts.”

Attorney Jose Barreiro:

“I agree with the article. They did say that he had stopped presiding over DV cases as if he did so due to his arrest. That is not accurate as we know. Other than that, the article mirrors my sentiments. The author also offers a middle ground in that he be taken off the criminal bench. That would be an acceptable compromise.”

Attorney Luke Lirot:

“I want to memorialize my profound disagreement with the Times editorial. I have represented a number of individuals in “professional positons” that have had to deal with charges of domestic violence. While no violence, of any kind, is acceptable behavior, my experience is that the behavior is the result of the “domestic” contours of the relationship, not some all-encompassing tendency to engage in violent behavior. I do not believe that such behavior automatically makes one incapable of dispatching their responsibilities in a professional fashion. The intimate and personal nature of the alleged family transgression does not carry over into the professional responsibilities of one’s job. Judge Myers is a reasonable and gifted jurist, and he should be allowed to stay on the bench. If political correctness demands that he not hear DV cases, so be it, but to force him into judicial exile until this personal matter is resolved is both an inappropriate and an unnecessary overreaction. The system, as overburdened as it is, needs his contributions and I am sure he can “compartmentalize” his personal travails so they do not interfere with his professional responsibilities. Any other approach would be to impose punishment without due process.”

Reaction?  FloridaYouJudge!

If you wish to weigh in please submit your comment below.  FloridaYouJudge will be offering its own editorial soon.




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