Thursday’s Docket

  • Hillsborough Circuit Judge Ashley B. Moody grants Hillsborough Public Defender’s petition for writ of cert on a county criminal case.  The lower court discharged the public defender’s office from representing the defendant on a misdemeanor charge.  Judge Moody granted petition ruling that by discharging the PD’s office in the defendant’s case the county judge departed from the essential requirements of the law.  Alvarez v. Florida
  • Appellate Case, Florida’s 2nd DCA:  Because the defendant never held a driver’s license, the defendant cannot be convicted of driving while license is suspended as a Habitual Traffic Offender.Burgess v. State
  • Mitch Perry SPB: “Andrew Warren says rebuke by federal judge last year is no big deal”  Warren is running against incumbent Mark Ober in the Hillsborough County State Attorney race.

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