Up Next: Pinellas County Judicial Candidate Myriam Irizarry and Hillsborough Candidate Eric Seidel


Eric Seidel recently stopped by FYJ’s studio to discuss his candidacy so that voters can become informed.  Seidel is running for the Clerk of Court in Hillsborough County.  Very informative segment you don’t want to miss.



Pinellas County Judge Myriam Irizarry

Pinellas County Judge Myriam Irizarry, who is running in Group 9  will be participating in two online segments (English and Spanish) addressing voters.  Judge Myriam Irizarry has the incredibly special distinction of being the first Hispanic woman to serve as judge in Florida’s 6th Circuit.  Judge Irizarry (impressive list of endorsements) will be the first guest on FYJ’s new Spanish channel, “Florida Tu Juzga” and blog.  Judge Irizarry will discuss her experience and candidacy with FYJ blogger Haydee Oropesa and her co-host Yonlys Pena.  Check out Judge Irizarry’s facebook page.

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