Video: Former Hillsborough County Commission Candidate Elvis Piggot: Jane Castor’s Partner, Ana Cruz, made veiled threats to his friend while they were out dining

This is the post published by Elvis Piggot on May 23, 2019 in the evening hours during the incident/exchange between Elvis and Ana Cruz at his table while dining with Delia Gadsen:

“Jane Castor and Anna Cruz just stopped at my table to send a threat to Principal Delia Gadson and said to me that she’s very shocked that she considered me a friend. I said I’m shocked at the behavior of Jane Castor while she was the Chief of Police, with racial profiling and and biking while black. It’s not acceptable. She said, so what we have 48% of the vote. If this is how she feels, how could you imagine what she’s going to do when she becomes the mayor? This is why we must get out and vote. We will not be able to live with the consequences that she will bring to the city of Tampa if she’s elected mayor.”

Florida You Judge has reached out to Ana Cruz for comment and reaction to this FB post.  Should Ana Cruz respond to give her side of the story, Florida You Judge will amend this post and include her response.
Is Ana Cruz a Bully?



Ana Cruz and Jane Castor leaving Eddie V’s


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