Why not wait for a Decision from State Attorney Andrew Warren before Spending Tax Payer Dollars?

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A private attorney is requesting that Florida taxpayers pay for a taxpayer funded attorney (to handle the penalty phase in a case where the State Attorney is still reviewing whether to purse a death penalty on this case)  after the defendant’s parents paid $194, 000 from their retirement funds and went broke.

The Hillsborough State Attorney’s office recently responded to an inquiry from FYJ and said that Warren’s office is still reviewing whether to pursue the death penalty on Michael Keetly’s case.  Read HERE.   

An email FYJ sent the Hillsborough State Attorney’s office thereafter:

Mr Warren/ Ms Frazier-

I am assuming you’ve both read the article that prompted my recent inquiry you responded to today.  But for your benefit I will include link:


That article addresses private counsel requesting that Florida’s taxpayers fund Keetly’s case by paying for another attorney in what private counsel believes has been and currently is a death penalty case.  Although, the PD’s office opposed this request, the court still appointed the PD noting that , per our Supreme Court, death penalty cases are different and now the court’s opinion is under appeal at taxpayer expense.

This case, also according to the article, notes Keetly’s case is the oldest of all death cases in Hillsborough awaiting trial.  How unfortunate that a decision has not been made yet in this case and that taxpayers have had to pay court hearings, now an appeal, and may have to pay a publicly funded attorney should the PD lose the appeal.  If your office thereafter decides against death in Keetly’s case after applying your standard in death cases, the taxpayer would have been unnecessarily burdened.

We all know how important fiscal responsibility is:


Have a good evening and thank you for your service and diligence in serving “we the people”


Why wouldn’t the private attorney, the judge, and the state attorney’s office wait for a final decision on whether the State Attorney will pursue the death penalty or not before requesting/spending taxpayer monies?  The State Attorney has already made the decision on other cases not as old as Keetly’s case.


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