Yvonne Fry Enthusiastically Supports the Candidacy of Ashley Moody for Florida Attorney General

Recent Facebook post by Fry on her support of Moody for Florida AG:

Florida You Judge blogger shares a love of quotes as does Yvonne. Follow Yvonne on FB to regularly read some really inspiring and soul nourishing quotes in addition to other edifying information.

Today’s FYJ quote:

Bad Monkey-Bad Politician

Florida You Judge aims to always point out the bad monkeys so the citizenry can remove them from office and stop the political poop throwing on we the people.  On the flip side, this blog will always also shine the light on those leaders and politicians, who through their vote worthy actions (not just blah blah blah), deserve to be publicly praised for doing right by the citizenry.  Blog commitment: Florida YOU Judge after being presented with truth/facts.  No ad hominem attacks (humor yes which hopefully never crosses the line).  Just because it’s constitutionally protected does not mean it is ok – hurting people is not the goal, improving society and government is.  If there is an opinion (it will be clearly stated).  Opinion does not = truth.  Will always reach for accuracy and fairness.  Contact info@floridayoujudge.com if something published is inaccurate or you’d like to challenge a perspective presented, this forum is open to all.

Speaking of comedians….

Chelsea Clinton (a real class act) weighs in on the Kathy Griffin controversy on the The View.  Jamie Foxx also weighs in on the controversy.  Good for Griffin for offering an apology.  None of us are perfect and free from stepping in it.  Example: The history of Donald Trump’s insults to women ; Donald Trump Criticized After He Appears to Mock Reporter Serge Kovaleski (disabled)


NEXT: Discussion on what Trump will do with the current US Policy with Cuba instituted by former president Obama. 


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